Law Students’ Rules

1. Be a disciplined student. Disobedience dishonors your school and yourself and causes unnecessary suffering; far from weakening the rival school’s to fight, it often strengthens it.
2. Know that your enemy is not your professor nor your classmate.
3. Answer no more than what the question requires.
4. Never discourage your juniors.
5. Care for your schoolmates, be they friend or foe.
6. Treat all people (that includes janitors, security guards, university support staff) with humanity.
7. Never inflict physical or mental torture to anyone, including yourself; if you are tired, take a rest.
8. Do not be hostage of a past failure or a past success.
9. Abstain from all acts of vengeance.
10. Respect all persons and property.
11. Share your resources: samplex, audio codals, compiled lecture notes.
12. Endeavor to prevent any breach of the above rules. Every breach of these Rules is punishable under the Law of Karma.

(Adapted from The Soldier’s Rules, L.C. Green, The Contemporary Law of Armed Conflict, Manchester University Press, [1993])

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