In defense of #Amalayer

Try falling in LRT/MRT queue for a security check only to have your bag make “sundot” (pronounce in a very conyo manner) with a stick of those guards, and make “siksik” with all those people who are so sweaty, let alone smell like Datu Puti (mapapamukhasim ka pero hindi dahil sa sarap!), after climbing the stairs since the escalator is not working, if at all at a particular station there is.Then fall in another long line for the purchase of a train ticket, which line would not have been as long had all the ticket vending machines were properly functioning.

Somewhere in your commuting journey, you’d surely get to listen to an extemporaneous speaker on a crowded commuter train who speaks with his buddy, or is conversing over the cell phone, on top of his voice and who just wouldn’t run out of something to say. Or that cool dude who, while wearing headphones, plays the music on his phone or ipad so loud that you can still hear it.

Forget basic courtesies and manners when entering or exiting the train otherwise you won’t be able to ride the train or you’d miss your station. To be a gentleman when riding the LRT/MRT is to be a civic hero and a saint rolled into one.

Alas! The Light Rail Transit and the Metro Rail Transit system defies any sense of order; the only rule its administrators, staff and passengers alike understand is the lack of rule. And as Ninoy Aquino would have it, yes, the Filipino is patient (particularly when riding the LRT/ MRT), but there is a limit to his patience. Must we wait until that patience snaps?

And it did snapped. Amalayer’s patience must have snapped!

Well you see, while it was wrong for Paula Jamie Salvosa, the unpopular #AMALAYER who trended both worldwide and in the Philippines, to have tongue-lashed a security guard, she too is also a victim of two things. First, she is a victim of our poor transport system, as most of the masses are. And second, she is a victim of our people’s lack of sense of due process (manifested by our cyber-bullying) . As reported by Yahoo! News, “the man who caught the video admitted that he did not know the passenger’s side of the story, but he added that a bystander told him that the guard scolded the woman for using the wrong entrance.” 

 The video didn’t cover the whole of the story. What if Salvosa was provoked by the lady guard, either intentionally or unintentionally?

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