One Step Further

A merger not just of 2 banks but of people;

A merger not just of systems but of passion…

This is from the new commercial of BDO which features the merger of Banco de Oro and Equitable PCI Bank.

Like in the advertisement, we in the College of Arts, Sciences and Education experienced an almost the same metamorphosis. The only difference is that, we did not undergo a merger but rather a consolidation.

Merger is a circumstance where one of two organizations continues, while the other loses its independent identity and ceases to exist, since it is merged- that is absorbed- into the former.

Consolidation on the other hand is where two or more organizations each discontinue their independent existence, and a new entity is formed.

Why the need to explain this? Simple. To reiterate that in the College of Arts, Sciences and Education, the CASyanos should not be superior to the Mentors neither is it the otherwise. Sa CASE, hindi dapat linalamangan ng mga taga CAS ang mga taga EDUC o ng mga taga EDUC ang mga taga CAS. We are now one department, one family.

Oo nga, tayo ang mga colleges na laging nangungulelat pag Intrams. Sabi nga nila, mga talunan. But I believe that is only in the athletic arena (but hopefully, we still prove them false at the soonest possible time) and I guess that has something to do with the population. Just imagine, can the Vatican outrank China in Olympics?

Sabi nga, we cannot have it all. Remember World history? Centuries ago, Athens was the best of Greece, they produced the intellectuals that until now, have so much impact on human society. But they weren’t the best in all fields. They left the development of skills on warfare to the Spartans. We may not be the best during Intrams, but we can always continue to be the most active college of this University. We did that. We organized events that gained roots as part of Aquinian culture. And we can do that again.

In this transitional period, we as Vanguards of Students for the People or popularly known by its Filipino name, Sandigan ng Mag-aaral para sa Sambayanan, believe that it is our duty to secure the well being of students as regards academic, social, etc. So instead of establishing a completely new set of ideas founded on Utopic promises, we have chosen to offer you a continuation of the programs that the past SSCAS and MCCE officers have made thus far. While not having to forget, of course, injecting little innovations in order to best adapt to the change that we are undergoing.

The following are our specific goals:

  • Spearhead fora, seminars & conferences of socio-economic-political relevance
  • Promote Volunteerism and Social Orientedness of CASE Students
  • Promote Department Unification/ Camaraderie between Casyanos and the Mentors.
  • Spearhead ‘social outlets’ for students to be involved in the University.
  • Facilitate more effective communication between the Department administration, faculty, staff and students.
  • Accountability and Transparency of Office & Openness to the Scrutiny of the University Publication and the College Publication.

Should you want any revision, or additions to our plans, we will be more than happy to entertain your sentiments. After all, it’s not just about us. It’s about every student of Aquinas University, in General, and of the College of Arts, Sciences and Education in particular. Ang konseho ng mag-aaral ay hindi tungkol sa amin na mga maihahalal. Ito ay tungkol sa lahat ng mag-aaral. That belief is the philosophy behind our campaign slogan, ‘Taking your Voice, One step further.” And we believe, that will be enough to make a difference.

Yes, we dare want to make a difference but we do not wish to be different. Like many of you, some of us in SAMASA are the ones whom you see partying late at night, drinking and even having the academic struggles. We do not pose the Einstein aura, or the Miriam Defensor Santiago Stance. Neither are we mainly composed of academic scholars. Ordinary students, so to speak. But that is the very reason why we believe that SAMASA remains to be the most pro-student political party in this University. Our party is mainly composed of ordinary students. In other words, we know the ordinary sentiments of students. Tulad ng, kung paano tayo namamahalan ng mga pagkain sa Canteen, kung paano namomroblemang makapasa sa ilang mga professor na sobrang demanding kahit minor subjects lang naman ang tinuturo nila, pamemorize ng pamemorize ng kung anu-ano na di hamak mas importanteng maunawaan. Hindi rin dyan mawawala yung mga nagtuturo na walang ibang ginawa kundi magbasa ng libro. Di ba sana binigay na lang yung libro para pinaphotocopy natin? Bato bato sa langit, tamaan sana magalit, upang magbago. There are lots of problems that continue burning the bridges between the students, the faculty and staff and the administration.

We, as students, actually take a portion of the fault in the big gap. We choose to murmur our sentiments. Mas pinipili nating murahin na lang yung mga walang kwentang professor at magvandal sa halip na ipaabot na lang sa kinauukulan. Nandyan rin naman ang publication, consultation, atbp. To this, we recognize and see the need of a harmonious relationship with publication.

Pero ang sisi ay hindi dapat lahat sa atin. Because bigger question is: were our sentiments really been heard? As part of our platform, we will facilitate more effective communication between the Department administration, faculty, staff and students.

Sabi nga sa kanta ng rivermaya na awit ng kabataan

Natatawa sa akin kaibigan,
at nangangaral ang buong mundo.
Wala na raw tayong mga kabataan,
sa ating mga ulo.

Kung gusto nyo kaming sigawan,
Bakit hindi niyo subukan?
Lalo kayong hindi maiintindihan.
Everything can be better if our voices will be heard. And so I go back to our campaign slogan, Taking your voice, one step further.

Lahat po tayo, magsama-sama sa SAMASA. SAMASA sa CASE, SAMASA sa Polytechnic Institute.

Vote straight SAMASA.

Thank you!

(Delivered during the SCCASE Miting de Avance.)

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