Justice for Ambo!

August 1, 2006

It has been very unfortunate that under the Arroyo administration, political killings continue unabatedly. In almost 6 years, 716 civilians have been victimized by extra judicial killings. Most of them are members of the progressive organizations advocating social justice and empowerment for the people.

Added to these unsolved crimes was the murder of Rei Mon M. Guran who was shot dead by unidentified assailant last July 31, 2006 in his hometown in Bulan, Sorsogon while on board a bus going to Albay. He just turned 21 a day before the incident.

Fondly called “Ambo” by his classmates, friends and fellow students, Rei Mon immersed himself to varied issues concerning the poor and the disadvantaged. As a provincial coordinator of the League of Filipino Students in Albay where he is taking Political Science in Aquinas University, he joined hands with the studentry in pushing for a moratorium in tuition fees and other democratic rights in campuses. But fully aware of his potential to be of help to others, putting his Christian faith into action, as a youth leader of United Church of Christ in the Philippines’ Christian Youth Fellowship and a member of the Anduyog Youth Volunteers, he spearheaded the mobilization of students on opposition to the reopening of Lafayette Mining Corporation, he was ever present in dialogues, pickets and mass rallies condemning the destructive and greedy operation of Transnational Mining that would put in peril the lives and health of Rapurapu residents and nearby provinces.

We mourn with indignation the murder of a loving friend, kuya, son and a good servant of the people and of God.

As lives of social activists are reduced into mere statistics of killed persons day by day, and having a government and a military that tags political dissenters as enemies of the state, thus making them the legitimate targets for liquidation. We must not falter in searching for justice and defending human rights!

We schoolmates, colleagues, friends and relatives of Ambo have formed the Justice for Ambo Movement to drum up the issue of unabated political killings in the country and to call for justice to the murder of the likes of Ambo.

We knock at your doors for help and assistance (financial and, or in kind) to sustain this advocacy and assist the family. Knowing fully that our prayers, discernment and collective action in search for justice will one day be fulfilled.

For justice and long lasting peace,

President, Political Science Society
Aquinas University of Legazpi

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